Hi Dog Lovers,

My name is Daniela, I'm a big fan of pets just like you! My passion for dogs and cats started as a child, I always had a little doggo around, my little friends were a Poodle, a Golden Retriever and now I'm currently living in Melbourne -  Australia with my best friend, a cute Husky who was adopted from one of the region's largest shelters: The Lost Dogs Home- Melbourne, Australia.

I believe that having a four legged companion goes beyond walks to the park or play with your best friend after work. Every time that a pet is taken from a shelter, a new life is initiated. Dogs and cats are not just simple animals of another kind, but they are  literally part of every moment of our life.

Giving a home to one of these animals is is not only rewarding for the doggo, but rather creates a true bond of love with nature. If this makes sense to you, you can be sure that your love for animals is massive, as same as my love for them.

How about giving your doggo an extra chance to entertain with more fun? 

My Doggo Store was created to strengthen your pet's friendship with your beloved family. With a wide variety of accessories, our goal is to make your time with your pet more fun when you are at the beach, park or just taking your pet for a walk.
We also have products for dog lovers! Yes, for humans! You can find a lot of accessories, jewellery and gifts for you or for your dog lover friend.


Shopping for a cause

Millions of dogs are looking for a warm and love home.

For every purchase, we donate $1 dollar to an animal shelter. 

Previous donation: The Lost Dogs Home -  Australia, Melbourne.

Next donation : Institute Luisa Mell - Brazil, Sao Paulo


We hope that you enjoy our store and looking forward to assist you if you have any questions.   

With love,

Daniela and My Doggo Store team